Y6 Poem

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The Iron Man Retold

Year 3 received a letter today from a local resident -

Dear Year 3,

Hope you are all well.

I was out in Bedworth last night and I was told about the strange footprints that have appeared at school. it instantly made me think back to a video clip I saw a few weeks ago. You should watch it,…

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Sorry we didn't get back last night to you all; we were extremely busy getting ready for the disco and packing for a very early start this morning! It turns out we were the first school to breakfast....a turn up for the books as we have been last for almost everything this…

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Much earlier night last night and a handy fire alarm this morning to wake everyone up just at the right time! (Nothing to worry about, just deodorant spray in one of the other toilet blocks)

Yesterday it was circus skills, kayaking, beach walk and Cluedo.

I think we all spent…

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TUESDAY 23rd June

6.30 - Most awake at the crack of dawn. Breakfast, then getting ready for kayaking and the beach walk this afternoon. THE SUN IS SHINING!!!

Evening - everyone's had a great day, though now a little tired - it could be an earlier night tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow's snorkelling.

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MONDAY 22nd June

9.30 - All Aboard ... and they're off!  Check out our new app for some pictures of their departure as well as pictures on our Gallery Page.

1.30  - all arrived safe and sound, unpacking to do then straight into activities.

5.00 - We all had a great first afternoon. All now fed and watered…

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The Kingswood Chronicle - Video

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5.59 am -Good Morning everyone, and what an early start it has been. Most children up by 6, yes 6 o'clock, they must be keen to see you all. Dormitories are now a hive of industry as they try to collect all their things and then attempt to squeeze them into the bag they came in, it's going to be…

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Good Morning, everyone and  a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob.

We ALL had a good night's sleep, though some noisy boys from other schools did cause a few problems that Miss Ellis sorted out.

Very rainy during the night, but it looks like it's going to be fine for the SEVEN activities planned…

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9.00 all present and correct, cases are in the hall, and we're all excited, even Mr Mann!!!

12.00 almost there. All packed and ready to go! "Have you all been to the toilet? Are you sure Miss Cable?"

1.15 arrived safe and sound. The journey was very quick, roads were very quiet. Everyone…

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Packing to do

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12.45 - They've set off - expected about 5 o'clock

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