Most enjoyed abseiling down a 15m high wall tonight. Children are now full of information about minibeasts after a bug hunt - sounds like Springwatch. Biscuit, hot chocolate and then bed, zzzzzzzzzzzzz (hopefully)

Miss Southam reports that they have just finished their dinner - and it was delicious, again. Apparently, there was a huge choice again. But there's no time to relax as they are off abseiling now. We think they are trying the 'If we work them hard, they might sleep' tactic. We'll let you know if it works tomorrow!

Everyone feeling a little tired now - description from the children "Dance-fantastic!! Coco-latey!!! Choco .... Choco!!!!" Looks like the sea breeze has had an interesting effect.

More challenges - what to have for cooked lunch?

Off to the beach today with some spending money for buckets and spades.

Mmmmmmm - Stomachs full with sausages, bacon, beans, waffles, eggs, toast, fruit, porridge and yoghurts!!! Now off for a lovely stroll on the beach in the glorious sunshine.

Just been to the shops -lots of money spent already! Especially on Fish and Chip flavoured rock. Challenges have come in the form of what flavoured ice-cream to have - life can be tough!