Y6 Poem

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The Iron Man Retold

Year 3 received a letter today from a local resident -

Dear Year 3,

Hope you are all well.

I was out in Bedworth last night and I was told about the strange footprints that have appeared at school. it instantly made me think back to a video clip I saw a few weeks ago. You should watch it,…

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What made these footsteps?

Strange footprints and a pile of scrap metal has appeared on our school grounds.

Who made them and where will they lead us.

First we had to investigate - and we needed the police!

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Writing Projects

Writing doesn't always just come from our imaginations - every now and then we do need a ' kick start'. Integrated writing activities and hands on projects liven things up in our Creative Writing classroom. It does not have to be just about sitting at a desk writing a story.

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