12.45 - They've set off - expected about 5 o'clock

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Morning everyone - Another bright and early start! Although not so bright-eyed for the children. Birthday celebrations have already started!!!!! #Happy Birthday to you#. There will be extreme muddiness later on the sensory trail, more news to follow.

Comments from our Wall have been shared with…

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Morning every - all breakfasted and off to activities

Miss Southam's reporting children fighting with sharp, pointy objects! DON'T PANIC - It's fencing time!!!

Also on the agenda is raft building and circus skills - lock away any breakables as they have all been practising their juggling,…

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Most enjoyed abseiling down a 15m high wall tonight. Children are now full of information about minibeasts after a bug hunt - sounds like Springwatch. Biscuit, hot chocolate and then bed, zzzzzzzzzzzzz (hopefully)

Miss Southam reports that they have just finished their dinner - and it was…

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All arrived safely and settling in.

Activities so far have been - climbing, kayaking and giant Cluedo. It's all been go, go go . Some rain but plenty of fun.

Children finally dried out after most of them fell/ jumped into the lake on purpose when kayaking. The teachers are pretty sure…

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