The government announced that schools should plan to welcome back all children from September 2020. The following is our best understanding and interpretation of the guidance and information published by the Department for Education and Warwickshire Local Authority. All this has taken place in light of the pattern of limited opening to some year groups that took place from June 1st and alongside delivering continued provision for the children of key workers.

Throughout, all staff at Exhall Junior School have shown huge commitment to the safety, well-being and education of children in our community. This contribution has involved adaptions and very quick learning of new skills. Without the continued support of all staff, the conditions under which we would be able to reopen would be very different.
This plan is at risk to a number of limiting factors that might have significant effect on the safe opening of school. In most cases, these are factors out of our control, such as continued availability of key provisions.

The information below must be read, understood and followed strictly by all in our community: staff, students, carers and parents. Failure to do so could severely jeopardise the continued safe opening of school.

We have given as much detail as we possibly can here but there may well be further, as yet unforeseen, details that are added or amended at a later date. Any changes will be clearly communicated. Equally, this plan will be under perpetual review. Large parts of this have now been done before but only with limited numbers of children on site. As we welcome all members of our community back into school, we must again be prepared to trial, review and adjust.

Our thanks go to carers/parents in taking the time to read and digest this guidance and for understanding that we have sought to combine as many different factors as possible, with safety to all as a central theme.

Please find below information to support parents and children during the current outbreak of Coronavirus.

Risk Assessment for November 2021 Update

COVID-19: outbreak management plan Exhall Junior School, November 2021

Covid Catch up Recovery Curriculum Fund Plan 2020-2021


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Remote Learning

In order to ensure that learning is continued, irrespective of lockdown and self-isolation, Exhall Junior School has developed the following plan. This plan will be applied in the following instances: 
1. An individual is self-isolating because of a positive test within the household; 
2. A group of children are self-isolating because of a case of coronavirus in the bubble; 
3. A whole bubble or cohort is self-isolating because of an outbreak of coronavirus 

The plan complies with the expectations and principles outlined in the DFE document Guidance for Full Opening of Schools. Software and online platforms. Within all plans, teachers will set appropriate work in-line with our current curriculum, primarily supplemented by a range of resources provided by Oak Academy and Power Maths. Children will remain in contact with their class teacher and school staff through seesaw where work will be posted and commented upon. In the event of a larger shutdown, Microsoft (MS) Teams will be used for children to check-in with their teachers. 

Oak Academy has been selected to support remote learning for a number of reasons. The Oak Academy lessons are in-line with our teaching ethos – they encourage the use of retrieval practice, explicit teaching with high quality modelling, and the use of deliberate practice. The online lessons are free to all and offer a recorded taught session so that the children can access physical teaching from a teacher and then access work relating to that lesson within the same website. There are also hundreds of lessons specifically aimed at children with SEND needs and requiring additional support. Class teachers may also use these lessons in the classroom where appropriate so children are familiar with the platform. 

Power Maths resources will be used as they are matched to our current maths curriculum model. Children are very used to seeing these resources. 
TT Rockstars will all be utilised to support the acquisition and retention of basic core skills. Parents will be able to contact teachers for support using their school emails, which will be shared by the school office in the event of an isolation. 

In the event of any form of isolation and loss of learning caused by Coronavirus, parents must understand that engagement in home learning is compulsory, as is the expectation that Exhall Junior School makes that provision available and accessible to all. However, if children themselves are too ill to attend then they should not be expected to engage in home learning.

Remote Learning


Support Documents for Carers/Parents

Returning to School

COVID-19 Specific materials

Supporting Anxiety

Supporting Autism

Support from Other Agencies



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