If you are eligible for certain benefits or you think your child may be eligible for free school meals, please apply for them as this would then mean that more funding is available to support your child within school. 
Customer Service Centre number to make an application for free school meals is 01926 359 189
Free School Meals Office number for schools and queries about applications already made: 01926 742 543
Remember the school benefits as well, with extra money given to support those children who are entitled to a free school meal. 

A number of our students receive the Pupil Premium Grant here at St Giles School and is given to students whose families are (or have been) in receipt of certain benefits. This is an amount of funding per year, per child which the school is expected to spend in order to support its students.  This funding is spent in accordance with rules on PP funding and the details of how St Giles spends this money are fully available. PPG students are offered subsidised places on trips at a certain rate agreed within school, unfortunately, those who are not eligible for PPG do not receive this subsidy.