Firstly, it was lovely to welcome your children back into school yesterday and from walking they seemed genuinely pleased to be back. The staff are very mindful that some of the students may have felt anxious or a little worried about coming back to school and I would like to reassure you that we will give our students the time to talk and to support them so that they feel happy and safe in school.

Secondly, as you are aware we needed to rapidly change the arrangements for the pick up as it was difficult for Year 5, 4 and 3 parents/carers to social distance and it was unsafe due to the busy road by the entrance to the school. Please try and keep the number of people entering the playground to a minimum, this will help everyone to be safe. If possible, try not to bring other children on to the school site, if there is no alternative, please keep them near you and ask them not to use the equipment. 

Finally, thank you for your positive comments last week, we appreciate your honest feedback as it is important that we work in partnership at St Giles. All staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the procedures to keep everyone safe do not impact on your child's learning, your support is most welcome. 

PE Arrangements

On the days mentioned below, your child will need to attend school in their PE kit. It limits the number of items children are bringing into school and ensures that we are reducing risk, which experts have recognised changing in classrooms as one of them. Jumpers/ cardigans should be worn over any t-shirts. 

Please note – if your child is doing outdoor PE, it would be helpful for them to change into alternative footwear for the lesson.