Great Start

It has been a wonderful first full week back at St Giles and we continue to feel so proud of all of the students here. They are working very hard in their classrooms, and are already making good progress in the curriculum subjects.

The teachers will be assessing the students over the next two weeks in reading, writing and maths so that the learning progression is tailored to meet the needs of your child. We are aware that some learning may have been missed during the lockdown period so teachers will prioritise teaching the students the key skills in reading, writing and maths to ensure a good understanding before moving forward to the next steps. We are also ensuring that they continue to access all of the curriculum subjects together with a focus on wellbeing and being able to talk about anything that is worrying them.

We will not be scheduling meet the teacher face to face consultations at present as we are waiting for direction from the Local Authority, we will follow the guidelines, and relevant information will be shared with you as soon as we receive it. Please call the office though if you would like to have a discussion about an immediate concern that could have an impact on your child.


The symptoms of coronavirus in children are the same as those in adults, namely:

  • A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot, for more than an hour or having three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours. This may be accompanied by
  • A high temperature – meaning that you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • A loss of sense of taste or smell – meaning you cannot smell or taste anything, orthings smell or taste different to normal

In school, if a child is showing the symptoms of coronavirus then they will be sent home, and the

family asked to arrange a COVID19 test. If that test proves positive, then the school will

take advice from the local health protection teams and that will involve tracing all the children and adults that that child will have come across, and those people then will be asked to self-isolate.


Persistent coughing in school:

Unless there is a reason previously notified to school by the parent eg Asthma, croup etc

then your child will be sent home from school to be monitored by the parent and if this proves to be symptomatic of COVID19 then the parent should arrange a Covid test ASAP and

notify the school of the outcome.


Child unwell in school:

Typical symptoms of a cold, such as a runny nose, are not considered to be symptoms of

Covid – and therefore if the child has these symptoms the general advice is that it’s okay for

them to go to school as long as they feel well enough to do so.

If your child is unwell during the school day please collect them promptly when called to do so.


Drop Off and Collection

Thank you for all of your patience whilst we continue to embed these new routines. We understand that arrangements are not as convenient as pre-lockdown but it does require everyone’s co-operation and willingness to help drop off and collect all of the children as safely as we can. Keeping to the times is key to making sure everyone is safe and also ensures your child has the correct amount of learning time in school. Remember, Y3 start time is 9.00am, don't drop off too early. 


PE Arrangements

On the days mentioned below, your child will need to attend school in their PE kit.

Please note – if your child is doing outdoor PE, it would be helpful for them to change into alternative footwear for the lesson.

PE Lessons

Year 3 Wednesday and Thursday

4/5C Tuesday and Thursday

4/5D Wednesday and Thursday

4/5E Monday and Thursday

Year 6 Tuesday and Friday

Thank You