The Great Start Continues

The students are clearly continuing to enjoy being back in school. There really is such a positive atmosphere around the classrooms with your children enjoying their learning.

Again, thank you for the support you are giving.


Covid Update

A continued thank you to all of those who are managing to follow the staggered drop-off and pick up times at school. It is likely that these will be in place for some time and we must make sure that they remain a high priority for the safety of everybody.

We are considering a change to the Y3 drop-off and pick up times. As Y4, 5 and 6 are now so well organised, we feel that we can move the times earlier by five minutes just for Y3. This will hopefully reduce the waiting time for you - we aren't always going to have this lovely weather, and standing outside will be more of a challenge in the rain. If any carers/ parents in Y3 have a problem with this can you let the office know before this Wednesday. If there are no major objections, we will trial the new times of 8.55am drop off, 3.25pm pick up from this Thursday. We will of course confirm beforehand the change.  


Schools have strict guidance to follow should a child show any of the symptoms of COVID-19. It has been well documented that the current national testing programme is not working effectively and this has been widely reported in the press. I know this must be a frustration for those of you whose children have been sent home or who have reported symptoms. Unfortunately, it is what we are required to do and I would ask for your continued patience as it is not something that the school can control. I am also aware that the onset of the autumn months will see children develop more coughs and colds. I hope that you understand the difficult position that both parents and schools are currently in.


Online Learning

We have an online homework scheme, Seesaw, which allows children to do their homework online as well as Timestable Rockstars, with teachers setting and monitoring progress. We understand that this will put demands on your home IT equipment, but we feel that beyond the current crisis, there will be an expectation that your child will be accessing more of their learning this way. Please start to look for ways to support this at home. A simple internet-connected device than can access web-based sites is all that is needed as a starting point. More details are being emailed out to you.


Office News

Cashless School

We are moving towards becoming a cashless school.  Thank you to all those who are using SIMS Pay to cover the cost of school meals.  If anyone is not signed up please contact the office and we will get packs with individual passwords issued. Unlike some schools, Educaterers are following our request to provide their full range of delicious menus, we encourage your child to have a try.  


Groupcall Emails

Groupcall emails is one the main communication channels we use to keep you up to date with school news and information.  If you do not think you are receiving Groupcall emails please contact the school office.


Non-Uniform Day Friday

We are not able to run our normal event to support Macmillan this year, but they still need our money to support the amazing work they do. On Friday, children can arrive in non-uniform, if they can wear something green that would be even better. We are asking that they bring in £1 as a minimum, any more will be gratefully accepted by the charity. 


PE Arrangements

On the days mentioned below, your child will need to attend school in their PE kit.

Please note – if your child is doing outdoor PE, it would be helpful for them to change into alternative footwear for the lesson. It can be cold outside now, especially walking to school in the morning, perhaps having a pair of jogging bottoms can help with this.  


PE Lessons

Year 3 Wednesday and Thursday

4/5C Tuesday and Thursday

4/5D Wednesday and Thursday

4/5E Monday and Thursday

Year 6 Tuesday and Friday


Thank You