‘You are doing an excellent job keeping everyone safe in school, and this has been crucial and highly valued in the current pandemic situation.’

This is from a meeting I had with other head teachers in Warwickshire, it’s from the Public Health lead, and a lot of the praise needs to be shared with you. You are all supporting the school so well, even when this means you have to stay off with your child – this has a huge impact on you own job and for some income, and we thank you for showing such commitment in keeping everyone safe – Thank You

Some of you may have seen some information in the press that the Government are allowing schools to undertake live performances of Christmas shows and nativities to parents, with certain restrictions. This is simply not possible at St Giles due to the short notice provided by the Government and the time that implementing this would take. I feel that by allowing parents into school would not be in all of our best interests and goes against the work that we have already done.

We have two weeks left of school, and I feel that we all must continue with the drills and actions that have worked so far, as the impact this could have on what little Christmas we all will be having would be in jeopardy if we have another case in school.

Please Remember

If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19 the common symptoms are -

· a new continuous cough

· a high temperature

· a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Or if they  just complain of feeling unwell

They must not come to school and you should arrange a test via https://www.nhs.uk/ask-for-a-coronavirustest or by calling 119.

Please let us know if your child has gone for a test and the outcome, positive or negative, so we can help keep the rest of the school community safe. Even if your child is feeling better, please keep them at home until you have the result of the test. You can email the office on admin2571@welearn365.com


Christmas Cards for Classes Only

Children are welcome to bring in Christmas cards to children in their own class if they wish to do so this year. There will be no communal post box, children do not need to send cards if they do not want to.

Children should not hand cards out themselves to any other classes or year groups. We are also suggesting a ‘stick don’t lick!’ method when sealing the envelope. Please stick cards down rather than licking, to limit COVID concerns.


PE and Forest School

Tuesday Y6

Wednesday Y3

Thursday - Forest School – Class D, Class C and E are doing PE



Can you make sure your child brings in a suitable coat now, they might say that they don’t feel the cold, but they certainly feel the wet. We have been asked to make sure all children spend some time outside, so light rain will not stop them from going out as it allows the air in their classrooms to be refreshed.