Another week has passed and the information and changes are still coming thick and fast from the Government. However, I hope that things are beginning to settle down into some routine for those of you at home. Those students in school have been enjoying what they are doing, though it feels very much like we are operating two schools at the moment, one for those of you in school and one for those learning at home.


We have provide more information for parents last week with regard to our remote learning offer, but teachers will keep posting timetables and expectations daily. We will be contacting you if work has not been uploaded, this is a government requirement. Please remember to keep your child safe on-line when learning remotely, that they take regular breaks, and keep up with some physical exercise.


I greatly appreciate those of you who are keeping your children at home when you can. I think that this is the only way we will be able to move back towards normality in the coming weeks and months. However, one class has had to now move into the hall due to the large number of children being sent in, this is to try and keep everyone safer. Working in the hall isn’t ideal and it will be a very unsettling for the children, the decision wasn’t made lightly but we felt we had no other option. This class is now nearing its maximum, as others are, and we only have one hall, so further growth will be very difficult to manage whilst having to maintain our online learning offer.

Please look for other childcare options for your child before asking the school for a place. We are aware of pressure from employers to have you in work, but the more children we have in school, the greater the risk of bubbles closing and the virus then entering your own home as children do pass the virus on.


You may also have seen in the press that the Government has postponed statutory assessment in primary schools for the coming summer. This means that schools will not be undertaking SATs tests and assessments in the statutory format in the summer. It is not yet clear from the Government exactly what will be required and it is likely that schools will undertake their own internal assessments in a similar way that we would normally do. It will continue to be really important that teachers understand where there are gaps in learning and plan to address these, and to also pass this data on to our secondary school colleagues for those children moving on in July.


Finally, please remember to check your emails regularly so that you don't miss important information.

Keep safe and stay well!