Dear Carers and Parents,

What a fantastic week we have had – it has been so lovely to see all the children happy to be back, reunited with their teachers and friends and settling back into school. It has been particularly special for Mrs Minhas to finally meet her class in person!

We have been mindful this week that all the children will have had different experiences during the closure and for some, it may be the first time they have had interaction with other children since December. We wished some of the students Happy New, which was a very strange thing to be doing in March!

There has been a real buzz of excitement around the site all week and you should very proud of how the children have coped with this, the latest in a series of changes in their short lives.

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind wishes or spoken again about the level of academic support and attention the staff gave during the lockdown, especially during last week’s Carer/ Parent meetings, it has been much appreciated.

Please can you remember to bring back any loaned IT equipment, and can you all check for any books at home and bring them back to be quarantined. School finances are very tight, and, we suspect, will become even tighter as the costs of the pandemic will have to found from everywhere, so every book returned will help! Remember that we ask students arrived dressed for their PE lessons. We have found that this has been such a success – all children have their kit and we gain so much extra time to teach PE!

Year 6 Start 8.30 am, Finish 3.00 pm PE Class F – Tuesday & Friday, Class G – Tuesday & Friday

Year 4/5 Start 8.45 am, Finish 3.15 pm PE Class C – Tuesday & Wednesday, Class D – Monday & Wednesday, Class E – Monday & Wednesday

Year 3 Start 8.55 am, Finish 3.25 pm PE Class A – Wednesday & Thursday, Class B – Wednesday & Thursday

Forest School

Class D – Wednesday afternoons, 10 March – 12 May 2021.

Class E – Wednesday afternoons, 19 May – 21 July.


To aid less adults being on site at one time, siblings can now leave together. If you want to make any changes to this arrangement, even if it’s just for one day, please notify the office first.

I am sure you will all share with me a hope for the future, that we have seen the last of school closures and that we have begun our route on the roadmap out of restrictions. The success of the next few weeks and months will depend on all of us continuing to follow the guidance -

  • Parents, carers and members of the household of school children can take twice weekly lateral flow tests. Visit  for more information.
  • Do not wait or stand around too long at the school gates as this puts you, your children, school staff and other families at risk.
  • Follow the school request to wear a face covering for drop off and collection.
  • Don’t arrange playdates, sleepovers or parties outside of school. These are not allowed in the latest Government guidance.
  • Explain to older children that they cannot spend time with their friends outside of school.
  • Do not send children to school if they, or anyone in your household, has any symptoms of Covid.


Take care, everyone.