Another week has passed and we hope that your children are continuing to enjoy the return to school and a little more routine.

We are finding that the children have adapted well to being back in school and are working really hard. They have shown great resilience and although they were tired by the end of last week, a good week was had by all.


We are also pleased to inform you that our attendance at school has been really high. I would like to thank you all for making sure that your children are coming to school regularly. There will be bumps in the road and we may still experience cases where it will be necessary to ask classes to self-isolate, but we are delighted with the start our children have made in returning to school. We are still running staggered starts but feel that a small number of children are regularly coming in late, without it being agreed beforehand. It really helps if we can all manage to keep to the agreed times – it just helps the class to be settled when everyone is there at the start.

This week’s Assembly Theme

 Tolerance of different faiths and belief

The key message that we will learn about is that tolerance means that we get on with other people even though sometimes we don’t agree with them. Managing how to tolerate is a skill that needs to be developed and nurtured. The world is a very BIG place and there is a lot of space for people to have different ideas about religion, cultures, politics, music, and friends.

We celebrate the different faiths and cultures in our Exhall community, and the children really enjoy members of different faiths, religions and cultures sharing their knowledge with them. Perhaps, this week you could discuss issues from different viewpoints and show your child how to challenge commonly-held stereotypes of situations sensitively, and without giving offence. They will then understand when behaviour towards themselves, and others, is not acceptable, including any type of discrimination. 

Office News

We have then just one full week of this half term left, and part of the next one before the end of term. Remember that school is closed on Thursday 1st April, and will reopen on Monday 19th April.

A final reminder about bringing back any loaned IT equipment. Can you also check for any books at home and bring them back to be quarantined, so every book returned will help!

Year 6 Start 8.30 am, Finish 3.00 pm PE Class F – Tuesday & Friday, Class G – Tuesday & Friday

Year 4/5 Start 8.45 am, Finish 3.15 pm PE Class C – Tuesday & Wednesday, Class D – Monday & Wednesday, Class E – Monday & Wednesday

Year 3 Start 8.55 am, Finish 3.25 pm PE Class A – Wednesday & Thursday, Class B – Wednesday & Thursday

Forest School

Class D – Wednesday afternoons, 10 March – 12 May 2021.

Class C – Wednesday afternoons, 19 May – 21 July.

End of the Day

To aid fewer adults being on site at one time, siblings can now leave together. If you want to make any changes to this arrangement, even if it’s just for one day, please notify the office first.


Have a good week, everyone, and stay safe!