Dear Families, 

I hope you’ve remembered that the hour went forwards today.

As you are aware the anniversary of the first national lockdown was designated a National Day of Reflection, we held a minute’s silence in the school on the 23rd March to reflect on the day, and last year.

When the school closed to most students on the 23rd March 2020, we did not know for how long, or what challenges the coming weeks and months would bring. We did not know that the uncertainty would continue and that there would be further lockdowns and school restrictions to follow.

The staff, students and carers/parents have worked in partnership to support each other to ensure that the children feel that they are being listened to and supported. Now that they are all back to school we are continuing to keep wellbeing as our top priority as they all are experiencing a range of feelings and emotions at this time. It is important that we enable the children to feel a sense of connection with each other, and to have time to adjust to school life.

I would like to thank everyone for pulling together so that our children continue to feel safe and happy at school.

Remember, this week is a shorter week with the school closed to all students on Thursday, so just the three days. PE sessions will remain the same unless you hear differently from us. There’s a suggestion that the next couple of days will have warmer weather, can you make sure your child has a water bottle in school.

We have complained on three occasions to the managers of the workmen working on Hayes Lane. We do understand that this gas work is vital, but why have large lorries arriving at the start and at the end of the day? Please take care, the pavements seem impassable on occasions, and the road isn’t much better! Hopefully, the work will all be done for when we return after the break.

Please make sure that you keep to the rules and routines around Covid, we do not want anyone having to self-isolate over the Easter break.