This week is WALK TO SCHOOL WEEK. We know that many of you already walk to school and with the improving weather, it is an ideal opportunity to do this. Not only does this give you and your children exercise, but it also helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution. There is more information available for parents and carers by following the link, if your child will be walking to their new secondary school in September, there’s also help as well:


Please continue to follow the current requirements of social distancing and face coverings. Whilst the Government have announced some changes from May 17th, we have not yet received any further guidance from the DfE and until we do, we will continue to implement what we have been asked to do, both by the Government and by the Local Authority.

Please continue to wear face coverings for the school pick up and drop off and avoid congregating in larger groups outside the premises. Our continued thanks to those of you who are fully respectful and support the school to implement what we have to do, with new variants now in the local population we all need to support each other.

Regarding Warwickshire’s Induction Day in July when children move into their new classes for a day, some guidance has been issued by Warwickshire this week that is mindful of Covid. Once this has been discussed with all local schools, especially the secondary ones, we will be able to share with you what this day will look like for your child.

Whilst we understand that with staggered start and finish times it can difficult to manage with siblings and other schools, where possible, we would like all children to be getting the most amount of teaching time. 



Class C begins Forest School next week.  Please find below confirmation of PE days, when pupils need to come into school in their PE kit.

Year 3 - Thursday & Friday

Year 4 & 5

Class C - Tuesday  (Wednesday - Forest School)

Class D - Monday & Wednesday

Class E - Monday & Wednesday

Year 6  Tuesday & Wednesday


Thank you and take care.