Sunnier Weather

It seems like the weather has finally changed from winter to summer and we seem to be enjoying a spell of good weather – long may that continue! Please do make sure your children are bringing in hats, wearing sun cream to school, and that they always have a water bottle in school which we will encourage them to refill during the day.


A big thank you for the efforts you are putting in to get your child into school given the current roadworks. We’re hearing stories of bikes being used, leaving the house earlier or just walking in, your efforts are really appreciated.

A reminder that any requests for absence during term time need to be on Warwickshire’s Absence request form, a copy of the form is available from the office or on our website here,, you may want to include a covering letter. Absences, however, will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances, so accumulated leave, a request from employers to take leave now or a rescheduled holiday etc. are not considered an exception by Warwickshire.

Covid Updates
We continue to wait and see exactly what the Government decides with regard to the further relaxing of lockdown restrictions from June 21st. We follow the guidance provided by the Department for Education and Public Health England, with support from our Local Authority. We will be guided by this before making any changes to the measures that we have in operation currently at school. Once clear, we will communicate any change to you in the normal way. As has been the case throughout, Headteachers do not get any advance warning from the Government of changes that affect our schools, and we find out by watching the same news briefings as you all do. Subsequently, there may well be changes to the planned events during the rest of this term in school, your patience is always appreciated.

Once again, a reminder that protective face masks must be worn by all adults at drop off and pick up times. A reminder too that gathering at the school gate and otherwise coming onto the site without an appointment is not encouraged. Therefore, please only arrive at the school gate within your allotted time and leave the vicinity of the school gate immediately after drop off or pick up.

Keeping your child at home if they are unwell and testing them before their return and regularly checking adults in the household, even if they have had the vaccination, will also help everyone. We are all really hoping that we can get to the end of term without having to close any class bubbles. The risk increases as the numbers of cases in the area are rising slowly and restrictions are easing, we need to keep to the guidance, it keeps everyone safe.


This Week

Y6 have their assessment week starting on Monday. The results of these tests will help us to inform secondary schools of the strengths and areas to work on for each child. Please try and make sure your child is in, and on time – roadworks permitting.


Year 3 - Thursday & Friday

Year 4 & 5

Class C - Tuesday  (Wednesday - Forest School)

Class D - Monday & Wednesday

Class E - Monday & Wednesday

Year 6  Tuesday & Wednesday

To celebrate the Euros, Educaterers are offering a special football themed menu on Friday 18th June 2021, details have been sent to you.

Thank you