Following Mr Johnson’s announcement of the delay of moving to Step 4 of the country’s Road Map until 19th July we have been rethinking and amending our end of term plans accordingly.

We will have to rethink our new Year 3 Induction meetings with parents, and our Year 6 pupils will not be able to visit their new secondary schools in person, as inductions into new schools are having to be virtual.

We are still planning out how we can support the transition into new classes for those students already in school, as we believe this is even more important this year for them after the disruption they have already experienced. The class bubbles will remain intact for this event so we are still working within the guidelines – we will contact you with how this will look nearer the time. We are also looking at ways of amending the other plans for Year 6 end of term activities so they can still happen, even if it’s in a reduced form.

Our ‘Sports Day’ will  be rescheduled to hopefully early autumn, the DfE guidelines wanted the class bubbles to be kept, with attending carers/ parents to remain in segregated groups of 30, with each person 2ms apart – I hope you can understand why we thought that this would not be practicable or enjoyable.

Thank you for your understanding with this, the closing of the Y6 bubble highlights why these changes are having to be made. However, the frustration doesn’t go away when things have to alter, we all want a return to ‘normality’, including the staff who are constantly adapting, so your patience is welcomed.

This Week

Please try and make sure your child is in, and on time – roadworks permitting.


Year 3 - Thursday & Friday

Year 4 & 5

Class C - Tuesday  (Wednesday - Forest School)

Class D - Monday & Wednesday

Class E - Monday & Wednesday

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