New Variant Concerns

As you are no doubt aware, we have had to close the Year 6 class bubbles over the last two weeks, though we welcome them back on Monday. This has caused major disruption to the organisation of our school and we know it will have also caused the same for many of our families; whilst this is out of our control, we are still very sorry for this and the inconvenience and problems it causes for so many of you.


It has become even more important that you all do whatever you can to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe and well by following the government guidelines.


What are the symptoms of the new strain of COVID?

A cough and loss of smell or taste are less common symptoms for people who have contracted the coronavirus Delta variant.

Meanwhile, sore throat, runny nose, fever and headaches are more common among patients.


Please remember:

• If anyone in your household has symptoms you must get a PCR test for them immediately

• Everyone in your household must then self-isolate until the test result comes through (siblings should not be in school)

• Self-isolating means you cannot leave your house for anything (children self-isolating cannot walk to school with siblings)

• If you have symptoms in your household or are waiting for tests please let us know immediately, and then again when the result is known.



You would have normally received your child’s written report in the spring term, and had a face-to-face summer meeting by now. However, with the most recent lockdown, we have had to change this routine. Your children’s End of Year reports are being written now, with assessment data to be added once all testing has been completed. You will read about their progress and attainment and you should feel great pride. In spite of the obstacles thrown in their path over the last eighteen months, it is already clear that your children have continued to learn, both while at home and at school. It just proves that when home and school work together, children learn well. Thank you for all your support with this.


Year 3 Request

To support the Growing Up & Life Cycle lessons taking place this week, the Year 3 Team have asked that all Year 3 pupils bring in, or send via email, a photograph of themselves when they were a baby.


Could your child's baby photograph please be sent into school by Tuesday 29th June.  If you send in a photograph please write your child's name on the back.  If you would like to email a baby photograph of your child please send it to indicating the name of your child on the email


Remember, Year 6 are back tomorrow – 8.30am start. Even a pandemic doesn’t stop Y6 assessment taking place! Their final test will take place on Tuesday 29th June - 9:30am start. Children will come to the annex for breakfast at 8:30am. A big thank you to all staff, especially the Y6 team, for organising all this.



Year 3 - Thursday & Friday

Year 4 & 5

Class C - Tuesday  (Wednesday - Forest School)

Class D - Monday & Wednesday

Class E - Monday & Wednesday

Year 6  Tuesday & Wednesday


Thank you