Hot weather this week

We recommend the following precautions;


Apply sun lotion at home before school.

Send sun lotion into school if you need to. Children may ‘top up’ during the day but they will be expected to put the sun cream on themselves, with supervision from an adult. They must not share sun lotion with anyone.


Please also remember to send in a bottle of water for your child to keep in the classroom. They can top up in school


Sun hats are an extremely good idea. If your child is particularly prone to burning consider cool, long sleeve tops.

Please make sure your child is wearing sensible shoes for school, backless sandals (ie flip flops or similar) are not suitable for children in school.


Covid Risk

As you will know, the Government has announced the move to ‘Stage 4’ of their roadmap out of COVID-19 restrictions from July 19th. This puts schools in an untenable position for the final days of term. On the advice of our Local Authority and the Regional Director of Public Health, we will not be making any significant changes to our arrangements and organisation of the school in the final days before the end of term. Please remember to adhere to the isolation guidelines which do not change until 16th August.


If your child, or you, feel the slightest bit unwell and think it could be Covid related, please act swiftly. We know of at least one family who did exactly this, and so stopped a whole class from having to self-isolate – we all thank you for your prompt action.


Good Bye Year 6!

I cannot let this final message pass without mentioning the Y6 pupils and their wonderful performance at the end of last week of ‘Wow! What A Year!’. It was a fantastic performance and a credit to the children and staff who have worked so hard to put the whole thing together – a fitting end to the year.


We could not be prouder of our wonderful Year 6 children who leave us this week to go on to local secondary schools. What a fabulous group of children they are!


Thank you

A big thank you to all our parents for the many food treats, cards and gifts that have been sent in to all our staff. We appreciate your overwhelming kindness and the support that you have shown to us all over the past challenging year.


Monday 19 July 2021 - Leavers Party

Y6 students are invited to come back to school between 5.30 – 7.30 pm for a leavers party.  They can wear non-school uniform and bring bikes, scooters or skates to enjoy time outside to start, followed by games and dancing.  Could you please email to confirm the following:


Your child’s name

Your child’s class

That you give permission for your child to attend the leavers party.

Collection arrangements for your child at 7.30 pm

Walk home or

Be collected from the lower school playground
If you have not responded already, could you email as soon as possible to confirm if your child can attend.



Year 6 need to arrive in PE kit.



Class A
Could pupils in Class A please come into school in their PE Kit on Wednesday 21 July 2021.

2.45pm – Year 6 Leavers’ Parade.


End of term, we start back again on Monday 6th September, 8.45am - fingers crossed!


Thank you