Dear Families,

It has been another good week in school and our classes are now well settled into normal routines. The children are really getting into their learning and doing lots of super work.

Thank you all for the effort that you have made with getting your child into our uniform, we know there were a few issues in the holidays. Please remember, you can still wear the St Giles Junior school uniform. If you have any good quality uniform not being used, please send it in.  Many of you have purchased PE kit that follows the uniform expectations, this has made such a difference on PE days. There is updated uniform information on our website.

Thank you so much for helping to make your children look so smart, we know the efforts you put in, however, we already have coats, school jumpers and cardigans in lost property, some without names. Please, please name children’s uniform. There will be a much greater chance of getting it back should it be misplaced.

General Reminders

These are some of our general rules and routines for our school. We thought it might be helpful to have them all together in one place to re-establish some of the things we expect to be happening;

  • School playground gate opens at 8.35am and 3.00pm.
  • Doors open to school 8.45am and are locked by 8.50am, each year group has a specific door to enter by.
  • All children expected to be at their desk working by 8.55am.
  • Late children arriving after 9.00am should be taken to the school office and signed in by their parents/carers, do not leave your child to walk in by themselves.
  • No bikes or scooters to be ridden from the main school gate and on the playground.
  • Planned absences should be applied for on Warwickshire’s request forms – absences can only be authorised in “exceptional circumstances”.
  • Absences on the day: if your child is ill and cannot come to school parents must telephone the office and give the child’s name, class, detailed reason for absence (e.g., not just ‘they are ill’) and if the absence is COVID related we will need further details about symptoms, date they started, when tests are taking place and results when they come through. If the absence continues for more than one day, we require you to telephone in on each day please.
  • All monies to be paid through Pay 360 – see our website for the link.
  • Belongings: Make sure your children bring everything they need with them – especially if they wear glasses - this is good preparation for secondary school.
  • Children need their water bottles and book bags every day.
  • Children attending After School Clubs are collected from the front playground.
  • School gates will be closed until after school clubs have finished, do not drive into school to pick up or drop off unless permission has been given   


Class A - Monday & Tuesday

Class C - have Forest School on Thursday afternoons during these weeks. They arrive in their normal school uniform.

Class D - Monday & Thursday

Class E - Tuesday & Wednesday

Class F - Wednesday & Friday

Class G - Thursday & Friday


Exhall Schools Picnic

Don’t forget, we are having our joint Exhall Cedars Infants/ Juniors picnic on Friday, weather permitting, details have been sent out. Could you email to confirm if you are able to attend so that we can prepare appropriate space/resources. We will be also selling cakes for Macmillan on the same day, donations are very welcome. We hope you can join us.

Take care.