Dear Families

It was so lovely to see the whole community coming together our Exhall picnic, it will be an event on the calendar for next year. A special thanks to those parents from the Friends of Exhall Juniors, they only came to have a quick meeting and ended up supporting the Macmillan Cake sale – thank you so much for helping out.

We still have cakes left over – these will be sold during Monday’s breaktime, students can bring money in.  


Well Done, Y6

Congratulations to Maja, Emma, Tej and Vyharan who have been successful appointed to be our new Heads and Deputies. The school did have a number of high-quality candidates in Y6, it was a difficult choice. We were treated to some wonderful speeches and presentations and we were so impressed with the confidence and enthusiasm in which they all spoke.


Being Safe

The mornings and evenings will be getting darker soon and some of your children are walking to and from school on their own, it is imperative that all of the children (and parents) understand the importance of Road Safety. We have spoken to a number of students since the start of term regarding ‘appropriate’ cycling and scooting to school. All children should be wearing a helmet if they are arriving on a bike or scooter.

Ready for Secondary School

Y6 parents will be aware that the secondary school application process is now underway. Please check individual open days for each school. We are sure you are thinking hard about your choice of Secondary School for them. There are lots of opportunities for you to go and visit the schools to see what you and more importantly, your child think. It is incredibly important for you to go and see what the schools have to offer and see which would be the best environment for your child to achieve their potential.

Junior Leadership Team

We had our first Junior Leadership Team meeting last week, the students are on a fact-finding mission to see what the they most like about Exhall Juniors, and areas they would like us to improve it further. Our next meeting is in a fortnight, we’ll keep you posted about their conclusions.


We  also always like to hear from parents about what improvements are needed at school and to also hear about what things we are doing well. Please take time to share your views on the parent view website - Parentview


Class A - Monday & Tuesday

Class C - have Forest School on Thursday afternoons during these weeks. They arrive in their normal school uniform.

Class D - Monday & Thursday

Class E - Tuesday & Wednesday

Class F - Wednesday & Friday

Class G - Thursday & Friday