Dear Families,

A reminder to all parents that attendance for pupils is mandatory with the expectation that all pupils attend school daily. We recognise the times in which we currently live and the impact that Covid is having within families; however, there has been a marked increase in recent weeks of children being absent from school for non-medical reasons. There has also been an increase in the number of requests for absence, primarily for holidays; absence in term time can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances and any request for a term time holiday will not be authorised.

At Exhall Junior School we place great importance on good attendance and punctuality. We know that a child’s attendance has a direct impact on their learning. Those children who are regularly absent from school and regularly late do not achieve their potential and do fall behind in class. Please support the school in this by ensuring that your child attends school regularly and arrives ready to learn and on time. They need to be on the school playground waiting to line up by 8.45am, that gives everyone time to come in safely, settle down and be working by 8.55am, when the register is taken.

Attendance matters! It is important that your child gets to school on time and aims for 100% attendance!

Congratulations to 6F who are leading our

attendance competition at the moment.

Lost Property

There seems to be an increasing amount of lost property. We have returned named items but the remaining things are unnamed. Please make sure that your children’s things, even distinctive items, are named to give us the best chance of your children being reunited with any lost property. The best solution to this is for all of us to help children to take greater responsibility for their own belongings.


INSET Day and Half-term

A reminder that school will be closed for an INSET day on Monday 18th October, also the half-term holiday begins on Monday 25th  October. School will re-open at the usual time on Monday 1st  November 2021.

Term dates for this academic year can be found on our website:


Our Three Values


Please could you discuss our three values with your children at home, and explore ways to reinforce them. Each week we celebrate those children who demonstrate our values, and they are acknowledged at the time and during assemblies. Examples recently include

  • Holding doors open and walking calmly around the school
  • Listening and being prepared at the start of every lesson
  • Not being afraid to make mistakes, and seeing mistakes as a way of learning
  • Standing firm by one’s own faith, beliefs or courage of conviction
  • Choosing to stand up for others, even if it makes you unpopular
  • Being able to make up your own mind and not be swayed by pressure from others/ peer-pressure


Bikes and Scooters On Site

We would like to remind ALL pupils and parents that bikes and scooters must not be ridden when on any part of the school site, either on the path or road. The road gate is left open to help pedestrians, not to ride through. We have a number of younger children, including those from Exhall Cedars Infants on site at the end of the day, so bikes and scooters should be pushed at all times when on our very busy school grounds, in order to keep everyone safe.


Measurement program Year 6 children

School Health Services will be visiting this week to weigh and measure children in Year 6

Parents of Year 6 Children

Families with children due to start secondary school in September 2022 (i.e. those children born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011) are now able to apply online for secondary school places.

The deadline for applications is 31 October 2021 and places will be offered on 1 March 2022. All the information families need to make their applications is on this website:

Please be aware of the deadline as parents who apply late are less likely to be offered one of their preferred schools.



We are delighted that this year we can return to our traditional way of celebrating Harvest in school. We do this by asking all the children to bring in non-perishable food items such as: tins, packets, pasta, cereal, biscuits, etc. The Foodbank is also accepting items such as toiletries. Please do not send in any perishable items as their life span is not long enough for how the donations are to be is distributed! Donations are to be brought into school by Friday 15th October.

This Week

Measurement program Year 6 children - School Health Services will be visiting this week to weigh and measure children in Year 6

Carers/ Parents Evening – please check information emailed to you around timings and how to access – fingers crossed the tech works!

Personalised Christmas Cards - Individual sheets were sent home with students on Friday to create designs for personalised Christmas cards/gifts.  Due to Covid, this is the first time the Friends of EJS have been able to carry out this activity for a couple of years, and we hope that many of you are able to support the Friends by encouraging your children to create an amazing  design and return it to school ASAP.  We look forward to seeing them.


Class A - Monday & Tuesday

Class C - have Forest School on Thursday afternoons during these weeks. They arrive in their normal school uniform.

Class D - Monday & Thursday

Class E - Tuesday & Wednesday

Class F - Wednesday & Friday

Class G - Thursday & Friday


Data Collection Sheets

Data collection sheets have been issued to all carers/ parents can you check the details, particularly emergency contact details, amend if necessary, sign and return so that our records are up to date.


If you have the slightest concern though that your child is unwell, not themselves etc, please keep them off school and get a PCR test.