Dear Families,

Welcome back, we hope you all had a good half term and took the opportunity to catch up, relax and have a bit of fun.

Please remember that school is open tomorrow for students, I know some local schools have an INSET day but we will be open on Monday.

Thank you to all those who have sent in their Extreme Reading photos, there's still time to get them into us.


There are some children who regularly arrive late in the morning, and this is becoming a issue for the child, and also the other children in class who have started their learning. Please try and make the agreed start time in the morning, gates are open at 8.35am for all children to be on the playground for an 8.45am line up and then ready to come into school. No one likes to be late, so getting your child to organise themselves the night before will not only ensure a smooth morning start, but is teaching them a vital life skill.


Please check then read your emails. A few carers/ parents are missing out on important information, or asking about details that have already been sent to them. It might be better to mark all emails from Groupcall/ as a VIP contact, or any another way, so you are alerted by your device when these are sent out. 



We have lots of events planned for the next half term, dates for these and for the rest of the academic year can be found on our website:


Can you notify the school if your child is absent with Covid and is isolating, or any other illness. A simplified 'what to do if' document for Covid has been issued to you. Attendance is very important, but we have had several positive case in school and we need to make sure that we do all we can to keep everyone in our school community safe.

If you fail to call to say your child is absent we will then phone all the other contacts we have for your child - this is part of our safeguarding duties. On occasions, this has then led grandparents and other adults not living at the child's address to be phoned, you might want to let them know of the school's procedures, and that they might be contacted.     

Data Collection Sheets

We are still missing data collection sheets that have been issued to all carers/ parents can you check the details, amend if necessary, sign and return so that our records are up to date.



We are starting our next block of learning on Thursday afternoons, this will impact on PE and Forest School.  We have issued a document last week confirming PE and Forest School arrangements from 1st November, so that parents/carers know when to send their children into with alternative clothing.


Thursday Change

PE Class E, Class A,

MUSIC  Class G, Class C, Class A and Class F.

SPANISH Class C, Class E, Class F and Class G.


PE Days

Class A - Monday & Thursday

Class C - Monday & Tuesday

Class D – Forest school Thursday

Class E - Tuesday & Thursday

Class F - Wednesday & Friday

Class G - Wednesday & Friday


Thank you, take care