Dear Families,

The weeks seem to be racing past and we are fast approaching Christmas. We are already rehearsing carols as we didn’t learn any last year due to lockdown. The students are however, very good at quickly picking up songs though, they are the best school I’ve ever taught new songs at for this, which is handy.


Children will be allowed to write and send Christmas cards to their friends this year, both in their own class and other classes – there will be a post box in the entrance by the office from Wednesday. Our Y6 postpeople will wash their hands before, and after making their deliveries. Please help your child put the name and class clearly on the envelopes so we know where the Christmas cards need to go!


We will not be hosting any audience-based events inside school, and I’m sure that we all share your disappointment. The risk hasn’t reduced enough for us to devote time and commitment to events that could be cancelled at short notice. Warwickshire County Council’s guidance also put certain criteria that would have made any indoor performance difficult to manage – we hope you understand.


We will continue to provide children with the opportunity to undertake many exciting and varied Christmas events, including our community carol event planned for the 15th December at 2.30pm, you are invite too!


We are also really sorry to hear about the change of plans at Exhall Cedars Infants with their Breakfast and After School arrangements. We were made aware only last Tuesday afternoon, and understand the impact this will cause some parents. We are quickly running through a few possible stop gaps, and we hope to contact you soon with an interim plan to try and help you out.


A reminder that on Friday 3rd Dec, the School Nursing Team are coming onto site to carry out Flu vaccinations.  The Nursing Team will vaccinate children whose parents/carers submitted an online form.  Please be aware forms go directly to the Nursing Team and the school does not have access to them.

If you missed the deadline to submit a form, please contact the school office for details of alternative ways to get your child vaccinated.



PE Class E, Class A,

MUSIC  Class G, Class C, Class A and Class F.

SPANISH Class C, Class E, Class F and Class G.


PE Days

Class A - Monday & Thursday

Class C - Monday & Tuesday

Class D – Forest school Thursday

Class E - Tuesday & Thursday

Class F - Wednesday & Friday

Class G - Wednesday & Friday


Thank you