Dear Families,

We hope that you all enjoyed a good Half-Term break, and that you managed to enjoy some family time and found lots of exciting things to do. The weather was particularly windy, especially towards the start of the week, we hope you’ve managed to get back all of your trampolines! We all return tomorrow for a very busy half-term of events in the school.

Careers Week

This week is a Careers week, when we focus on possible jobs your children might be thinking of when they grow up. Whilst we don’t expect all children to have their life planned out, GCSE choices can be made as they enter Y9, which isn’t that long off, and those choices will impact then on their A Levels. It’s always worth starting conversations now with your child about what their interests are as this will support when choices have to be made.

World Book Day Competition!

Create a model of your favourite book character using either a potato or a hard-boiled egg! Decorate your character with pens, paint, stickers, glitter etc.

Upload a photograph of your model onto the Seesaw task for your class teacher to see. Give your creation a name (Bonus points given for ‘eggsellent’ or ‘spudtacular’ pun names), tell your teacher what book the character is from and write a short description about that character.

All photographs must be uploaded by Wednesday 2nd March at 9am. Prizes are on offer.    


You will be aware of the latest Government announcements regarding COVID-19. As of last Thursday, there is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate should a person test positive for COVID-19. The DfE has emailed schools to say that we are no longer advised to undertake twice-weekly asymptomatic testing. Adults and children who test positive will continue to be advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least 5 full days, and then continue to follow the guidance.

Year 6 Mary Arden’s Farm – Friday 4 March 2022

The cost of the trip is £17.75 per child. Could you please email to confirm that you give permission for your child to attend and pay via Pay360. If the school is in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding for your child, support is available towards the cost of the trip.


Week Events

Mon – School starts – 8.45am start

Weds – EJS World Book Day

Thurs - Y3 Warwickshire Sing! programme

Friday  Year 6 Mary Arden’s Farm visit


Arrangements for PE and Forest School, until the week beginning 28th March 2022

Students will need to come into school in their PE and Forest School kit on their specified PE days. These are as follows:

Class C Monday & Thursday

Class D Monday & Tuesday

Class E Tuesday & Friday

Class F Wednesday & Thursday

Class G Wednesday & Friday

Class A will have Forest School on Thursday afternoons during these weeks, can all students arrive in their Forest School kit but wearing their school sweatshirt/ cardigan – they can change this before the session starts to something more appropriate.


Take care