Dear Families,

It was a busy week in school last week! Year 6 completed their SATs and have coped extremely well. They approached these English and Maths assessments maturely, sensibly and calmly, and we have been so impressed with them all. Well done Year 6 – we are so proud of you for being so focused and just doing the very best you could, we could not have asked for anything more than that!

They all celebrated the end of a tough week with a visit to the park on Friday – well deserved indeed! Once again, members of the public commented on how polite, helpful and respectful Y6 were in the park, which was so good to hear. Thank you to all staff who have supported Y6 students.

Better Weather

Being outside is crucial for the wellbeing of your children, but with the better weather there is the risk of sunburn and dehydration. As the weather improves it is important that you apply sun cream to your children before they come to school. This is particularly important as we are spending more time outside. If possible, please use the “all day” sun cream as staff do not re-apply sun cream. The children will also need a sun hat and a refillable water bottle.


We are following the NHS guidance regarding Covid Symptoms in school. If your child has a temperature and sickness, please keep them at home until they are well – three days is recommended. You do not need to carry out a test unless medically advised to do so. The NHS guidance for children is available here: NHS Link

Safe Parking

We have had reasons for concern about the safety of some of our children both before and after school, and request that you consider carefully what is happening at drop off and collection times at each end of the school day. We have witnessed parents in cars stopping on the zig-zags or blocking pavements and crossing points with lowered kerbs. We understand that parking can be very difficult around the school gates in the mornings, but please leave enough time to park further away and walk safely into school. This will especially help support next week’s Walk to School event. You will be promoting sustainable travel, as well as making it safer outside the school gates.

Outside Achievements

Please remember to send in details if your child has achieved things outside of school for our Friday celebration assembly. The students love sharing with us what they have been doing. Last week we had amazing art work, football cups and medals, and swimming certificates.

Cadbury World Trip

Year 4/5 are off to Cadbury World on Monday 16th May, please make sure any trip money has been paid. Please remember to provide a packed lunch for those children who require one – no fizzy drinks, please!

Arrangements for PE and Forest School, starting Monday 4th April until Friday 10th June

Students will need to come into school in their PE and Forest School kit on their specified PE days.

Class F - Forest School every Thursday from 4th April - including the week 6th June. During these weeks, can all students arrive in their Forest School kit but wearing their school sweatshirt/ cardigan – they can change this before the session starts to something more appropriate.


Thank you