Dear Families,

Exhall Junior School is so busy at the moment, there’s no drop in pace from either students or staff, as we approach the summer break!

Last week we had our Sports’ Day – the first one in two years. It was great to see so many carers/parents attend, and a big thank you to Mr Burch for organising a brilliant afternoon. We hope you enjoyed the events as much as the children and staff did!

We also held our Transition Day on Wednesday - all went well. It is really good for the children to be able to experience some of the things that will be new to them in September this side of the holidays – we hope it helps them prepare for the changes and not worry so much over the summer holidays. There was certainly great excitement in school on Wednesday!

Carers/Parents' Meeting

This week we have our first face-to-face Carers/Parents' Meeting in a long time. It will be lovely to see you in school, please take the time to look through your child’s books and the school’s corridor displays, and complete the carer/ parent survey.

COVID Infections Increasing

As you are aware, cases of Covid infections in the community are significantly increasing. We are continuing to follow the current NHS guidance regarding reducing the spread of Covid in school. If your child has a temperature and sickness, please keep them at home until they are well – three days is recommended. You do not need to carry out a test unless medically advised to do so. The NHS guidance for children is available here: NHS Link

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are being offered to children aged 5 to 15, printed details are available, or have a look at this LINK. Two doses are being offered to children aged 5 to 15 to give them the best protection against COVID-19.


Tuesday - Parents' Evening

Thursday - Parents' Evening


PE and Forest School Days

Students will need to come into school in their PE and Forest School kit on their specified PE days. Even if the weather is hot, children doing forest School are still required to wear long sleeved top and trousers, as this protects them during the activities.

Class A Monday & Thursday

Class C Monday & Tuesday

Class D Tuesday & Friday

Class E Wednesday & Thursday

Class F Wednesday & Friday

Class G will have Forest School on Thursday afternoons during these weeks instead of PE.  Further information about PE/ Forest school kit has been emailed out to you.

Outside Achievements

Please remember to send in details if your child has achieved things outside of school for our Friday celebration assembly. The students love sharing with us what they have been doing.


Thank you