Dear Families,

It was great to welcome all the children back after half term this week. We really enjoyed hearing their stories and exploits from their week off school.


Having just returned from a holiday, it does seem strange to mention another day’s holiday, however, there will be an extra one in May. This extra bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III is set for 8 May 2023, it will follow the king’s coronation two days earlier on Saturday 6 May. This means that some adaption will now have to be made to the Y6 SATs week, as the school will be closed on the day the children were due to take their first exam. I am sure that this would have been thought about and plans will be sent to us soon from the DfE. We will update you when we know more.


There are now a couple of long weekends with this and the May Day one a week before. Despite the temptation, please do not book any holidays away that join up the longer weekends, especially if your child is in Y6.



Thank you to Friends for organising this event – the money raised will support the school funds for those extra ‘treats’ we want to offer the children. For example, the bike/ scooter store was purchased by them. As school budgets become more stretched with rising costs, the work the friends do is very much needed, and appreciated.


Wednesday - the photographer is in to do individual pictures of the children.

Friday - Remembrance Day, 11.00am whole school will mark this event.

Egyptian Day for Y5/6

Carer/ Parent Survey November 2022

To help us make sure we’re providing the best standard of education for your children, we’d like to know how you feel about our school. Please take the time to complete this survey to help us make the school the best it can be.

Thank you

Attendance and Punctuality

School gates will close promptly at 8.45am, latecomers will have to enter the school by the main gate. Registers close at 8.55am.

Requests for Leave of Absence During Term Time

Acting under Government guidance, schools will not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances. The Department of Education does not consider wanting to go on holiday an extreme extenuating circumstance.

Contact Detail

If you have changed your contact details, email, telephone or home address that you let the school office know so that if and when we need to get hold of you, we can do it successfully.

Pay360 Accounts

We ask that you ensure that your Pay360 accounts are up to date and not in arrears. Your account can be set up to alert you of low balances to ensure that debt doesn’t occur. Unpaid meal debts will be followed up and if your account is in arrears of more than £7.50 and we will ask that your child brings a packed lunch until the debt is cleared. Please call the office if this is going to be an issue for you. Here’s the link PAY360

Outside Achievements

Please remember to send in details if your child has achieved things outside of school for our Friday celebration assembly. The students love sharing with us what they have been doing.


Thank you