Dear Families,

Class E had a lovely time they went to visit Bedworth Library, and as always their behaviour was impeccable. The children were all keen to take out books, and there are so many to choose from, so please try to take the time to arrange a library ticket for your child – it is free and the link is here Join the library . Thanks goes to the staff there who work so hard to ensure that the library is an engaging place to be.


Friday was Armistice Day, and we recognised this as a school at 11.00am with everyone lined up on the playground for the two-minute silence. For the first time in many years, we were also able to see the plane complete the  Poppy Drop. Our Head Students laid a wreath on behalf of the school community at the Bedworth Armistice Parade, thank you to Mrs Randle for organising and supporting the children with this important act of commemoration.


Today, Head and Deputy students, with Mrs Nethercot, will be attending the Remembrance Service at St Giles Church. They will be laying our specially created wreath made from the children’s hands, a huge thank you to Miss Smith who supported the children in the making of this.


Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

National Anti-Bullying Awareness Week starts on Monday. During the week, all students will be taught to recognise when bullying takes place, the strategies to ensure it doesn’t happen in school, and the steps they need to take if they feel they are being bullied. This will be done through our school assemblies and a range of work and activities in class.


Bullying affects lots of people, and can happen to anyone at any place including school, work, within families or in the community. It is defined as repeated behaviour that is intended to hurt or control someone either emotionally or physically. In school, usually, this is one child, or a group of children against an individual child.


We will be stressing to the children that bullying is an incident that happens more than once. Whilst children falling out, pushing, hitting is very upsetting for everyone, we do find that this type of behaviour tends to be based around a single disagreement, and is not a child/ children trying bully and control another. It would help if carers/ parents are clear with us when reporting about a problem, as using the term ‘bullying’ needs to used correctly so support can be given quickly and more effectively.

Closing Soon - Carer/ Parent Survey November 2022

We have had 20% of carers/ parents complete our survey so far, and it closes on Friday, more replies would help us gain more of a picture of school from your point of view. Please try and find the time to support us to provide the best standard of education for your children, it will only take five minutes of your time.

If you would like a paper copy of the survey to complete please ask at the office – it can be returned to us anonymously.

Wednesday – Class F are visiting the library – please make sure that they have a suitable coat/ footwear as rain will not stop this event happening, nothing stops your children reading.

Friday – Children in Need Day. Students, and staff, can wear their pyjamas for a minimum donation of £1. Mr Mann will be donating more not to wear pyjamas! Mrs Nethercot has also organised some Children in Need goodies – Pudsey ears etc to be purchased as well. Please support us if you can.   

Attendance and Punctuality

School gates will close promptly at 8.45am, latecomers will have to enter the school by the main gate. Registers close at 8.55am. A reminder that the official end of the school day is 3.25pm, once ready, your children start to leave their classrooms at 3.15pm. Please plan this into any arrangements you are making for after school.

Requests for Leave of Absence During Term Time

Acting under Government guidance, schools will not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances. The Department of Education does not consider wanting to go on holiday an extreme extenuating circumstance.

Contact Detail

If you have changed your contact details, email, telephone or home address can you let the school office know so that if and when we need to get hold of you, we can do successfully.

Pay360 Accounts

We ask that you ensure that your Pay360 accounts are up to date and not in arrears. Your account can be set up to alert you of low balances to ensure that debt doesn’t occur. Unpaid meal debts will be followed up and if your account is in arrears of more than £7.50 and we will ask that your child brings a packed lunch until the debt is cleared. Please call the office if this is going to be an issue for you. Here’s the link PAY360

Outside Achievements

Please remember to send in details if your child has achieved things outside of school for our Friday celebration assembly. The students love sharing with us what they have been doing.


Thank you