Dear Families,

Thank you for supporting this year’s Children in Need appeal – Mr Mann did pay more not to wear pyjamas! The Junior Leadership team led an informative assembly on why it is important to raise funds, and where the money was used last year. We will update you with the final total later in the week.


The children went to the library again; Class F had a great time and selected an interesting range of books. Please try to take the time to arrange a library ticket for your child – it is free and the link is here Join the library. It’s not just books they have; music, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers are all available electronically, and are free for you and your child. With the current demand on council resources, we need to make sure the library service can show how valued it is. Mrs So will be organising library visits for Years 3 and 4.


Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

National Anti-Bullying Awareness Week was last week.

The children understood the difference between fallouts/disagreements and bullying, where bullying is repeatedly targeting a child/ children to control them, and this can take many forms.


Medicated Cough Sweets

As with all medicines, can you make sure medicated cough sweets – Strepsils etc are handed into the office and not left with your child to look after. We do find that children tend to take them more than the recommended number of times, and on occasions have handed them out to other children as a ‘helpful gesture’.

Carer/ Parent Survey

This has now closed, thank you for taking the time to complete it. We will review the results and supportive comments, and share the findings with you plus any changes we will now be taking.

Wednesday – Loud Mouth Productions in all day for Years 5&6. They are a theatre group that will share a programme of events throughout the day that will help children to stay safe in their relationships with others both on and offline.

Friday – Pride Assembly for invited carers/ parents.

Attendance and Punctuality

School gates will close promptly at 8.45am, latecomers will have to enter the school by the main gate. Registers close at 8.55am. A reminder that the official end of the school day is 3.25pm. This means that once ready, your children start to leave their classrooms at 3.15pm. Please plan this into any arrangements you are making for after school.

Requests for Leave of Absence During Term Time

Acting under Government guidance, schools will not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances. The Department of Education does not consider wanting to go on holiday an extreme mitigating circumstance.

Contact Detail

If you have changed your contact details, email, telephone or home address that you must let the school office know so that if and when we need to get hold of you, we can do it successfully.

Pay360 Accounts

We ask that you ensure that your Pay360 accounts are up to date and not in arrears. Your account can be set up to alert you of low balances to ensure that a debt doesn’t occur. Unpaid meal debts will be followed up and if your account is in arrears of more than £7.50, we will ask that your child brings a packed lunch until the debt is cleared. Please call the office if this is going to be an issue for you. Here’s the link PAY360

Outside Achievements

Please remember to send in details if your child has achieved/ completed things outside of school for our Friday celebration assembly. The students love sharing with us what they have been doing.


Thank you