At Exhall Junior School we wear school uniform.  We believe that our uniform looks smart, is practical and contributes to a feeling of belonging to our school and its community.  All clothing should be clearly labelled.

We ask that you support us by ensuring your child arrives in the correct school uniform.

General school uniform

*  Plain navy or logo sweatshirt or cardigan
*  White or pale blue polo shirt 
*  Black or grey trousers, skirt, shorts or cullotes (no leggings)
*  In summer girls may wear blue and white gingham dresses
*  Sensible black shoes (no trainers or flip flops)

P. E. kit

For safety and hygiene reasons children will need to come into school in their P.E clothes for all P.E. lessons. 

Indoor P.E. kit

*  Plain white or navy logo round neck t-shirt
*  Plain black or navy shorts or skort
*  Black slip on pumps or bare feet

Outdoor P.E. kit

Children will be going outside in cold and damp weather conditions

*  Plain white or navy logo round neck t-shirt
*  Plain black or navy shorts or skort
*  Trainers (suitable for outside)
*  Plain black or navy tracksuit/joggers.  

All kit should be clearly marked with the child's name to help us return any lost items to their rightful owner! 


Preloved second hand uniform is available to purchase.  Please contact the school office for more details.


Any hair long enough to be tied back should be and girls headbands should be in our school colours of blue, black or white.

We actively discourage extreme hairstyles such as hair colouring, tramlines and logos or any other style that could draw attention to the child and single them out from the rest of the school.  If, as a school we feel a hairstyle is unsuitable we will ask for it to be rectified. 


For health and safety reasons, we actively discourage the wearing of jewellery in school.  However, we do allow children to wear a watch and appreciate that some children have their ears pierced and therefore small plain studs are allowed.  We also respect that some children many need to wear a piece of jewellery for religious reasons.

All jewellery, including those worn for religious observance poses a risk of injury; we try to minimise this risk by asking that they be removed or made safe by covering with tape during swimming and PE lessons. 

Coats, hats, scarves and gloves

We encourage all children to play outside, even in the winter months, so please ensure your child wears a coat to school and hats, scarves and gloves can also be worn.

Branded is available from Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd, please click the image below to go to their online store. 

Regalia House
Newtown Rd
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Tel:  024 7684 8800



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